Our idea of ​​ Art

Founded at the beginning of 2012 by Giovanni Monzon and Leonardo Zoccante, ISOLO17 GALLERY, is a space for contemporary art research, located in the city center of Verona, Italy. Our project is based on the selection and promotion of talented young artists from Italy and Cuba.

The gallery is attentive to the aesthetic aspect of contemporary art, in particular to painters who have an important innovative and creative sensitivity, and a high technical preparation.  We study the entire course expression of the artist, to understand and explain the socio-cultural and personal contexts in which their work was produced. At the same time, ISOLO17, is an open space for well-known artists, interested in dialogue and contamination with the fresh and dynamic new youth trends. Our aim is to make a visit to the controversial world of visual art attractive, simple and accessible to collectors and art lovers.


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